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Posted on 09/20/2021
Let's Find The Treasure
Sometimes you have to dig a lot of holes before you find the treasure: your perfect home! I'd love to help you dig and find it!...
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Posted on 09/06/2021
Happy Labor Day
It's important to love what you do, but it's also important to rest. I hope you spend today relaxing and recharging in whatever way suits you best! Happy Labor Day....
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Posted on 08/28/2021
Nice To Come Home To "Home"
Let's find that special place you'll love to come home to. What's your favorite thing about coming home? When I lived in NY, I dreaded coming home from vacation, especially to the cold winters after being away in a warm climate. I love my home now in Arizona and coming home is easy to do. Beautuful sunsets, gorgeous...
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Posted on 08/25/2021
Drink Responsibly
I enjoy havng adult beverages at times. Wine stains happen to the best of us. Here's a few tricks I've heard about... 1. SALT-As soon as you stain your carpet with red wine, blot as much of it as you can with a paper towel, and then cover the entire stain with salt until you can’t see the...
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Posted on 08/20/2021
Reasons To Buy a Home
You are not paying somene elses mortgage by renting. You gain stability and put down roots, all by purchasing a home! Your home is where you hang your hat- it's yours, you make the decisions as what you would like to do with it! How would owning a home benefit you? Tell me in the comments....
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Posted on 08/12/2021
Ready to Renovate?
During your house hunting process you are likely to come across some homes that seem almost perfect except for one or two things. Renovating is a great option to help make your new home your dream home. I can help guide you along the way! Just...
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Posted on 08/04/2021
Home is a Shelter
The best protections from the outside world is a home you love and trust. Message me if you need help finding your...
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Posted on 07/21/2021
Factors that Could Break a Home Buying Deal
Photo by Edar via Pixabay Before you sign on the bottom line, know which items are negotiable and which negate the deal entirely. Clearly defining these in advance can save you significant headaches when the buying bug takes over. Your agent will remind you of your non-negotiables and keep you on the right track. Here are some big-ticket...
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Posted on 06/25/2021
Calling In a Professional
Thinking of selling your home yourself? Selling houses is my job! Some of my areas of expertise are: using my network to find qualified buyers, understanding the legal side of the sale,rolling up my sleeves to help any way I can to get you moving and a love for getting you the best price for your home! Call...
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Posted on 06/24/2021
Best Sunset In Southern Arizona!
The weather is heating up although the magnificent sunsets in the desert never get old! We look forward to the many different colors of the sunsets every day! Makes us happy! What makes you smile?...
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