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Posted on 10/07/2021
What will make Your House a Home?
What type of home would make you happy? Message me to let me know and I'll help you find it!...
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Posted on 10/07/2021
Lois Berman Knows the Highlands at Dove Mountain!
I live, work and play in the Highlands. I'll give you the scoop as I know the HIghlands well! Looking to buy or sell a home here? Send me a message and I can answer any questions you might...
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Posted on 10/06/2021
Considering Your Finances: Is Home Ownership the Best Choice?
Whether you’re planning on buying investment property or a new home, there are financial factors to consider. Knowing the details of your financial situation will help you make the best decision and help avoid unnecessary stress. If you’re trying to decide between renting and buying, here are some of the main financial things to go over: Savings Most...
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Posted on 10/05/2021
Appreciate the little things. Don't take anyone or anything for granted., We are all doing the best we can! I am thankful for the special people in my life that understand that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes...If I have hurt anyone, I apologize, it was not intended to cause any harm. All I want is...
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Posted on 10/05/2021
Spooky Season
Are you a "the limit does not exist" or a "one and done" kind of pumpkin person? Unfortunately where I live in the Tucson, AZ area, we can''t put real pumpkins outside becaue there are too many animals that would enjoy eating them! Leave me a comment and let me know. If you don't have a porch of...
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Posted on 09/29/2021
Should You Buy a Starter Home?
Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels Potential new homebuyers have the choice of buying a starter home or a forever home. The details mean something different to everybody, but a starter home is usually regarded as a short-term living situation if you can’t afford your dream home yet. Some choose to wait until they can afford their forever...
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Posted on 09/27/2021
It's the Fall, Lets Fall in Love With a New Home!
Finding a home you love is a challenge on its own, but factor in the ongoing shortage of homes for sale and you're looking at a near impossible task. So why not stack the deck in your favor? Why not give me a call? Happy to help you with all your real estate needs....
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Posted on 09/24/2021
Becoming a Homeowner
In addition to giving you a sense of pride, owning a home will help boost your long-term financial outlook. Rates are so low now. Why pay someone else's mortgage by renting? Make your home your castle! We have to love where we live since we spend more time at home these days. So what are you waiting for?...
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Posted on 09/23/2021
Pre Sale Home Inspection
There are plenty of things to do before putting your home on the market. While this one is optional it’s especially good to consider if you’ve lived in your home for a long time or you have an older home. It can cost between $200 to $600. If you’re on the fence, send me a message so I...
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Posted on 09/22/2021
Invest in Real Estate with a REIT
A real estate investment trust (REIT) can be an attractive way to invest in real estate. It allows anyone to invest in real estate assets arranged in a portfolio. What is a REIT? A REIT is a company that operates, finances and/or owns real estate that produces income. It provides its investors with the opportunity to own real...
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Posted on 09/21/2021
What Makes You Happy?
Now, more than ever, we should all be embracing the things that make us happy. Have that second scoop of ice cream, sleep in a bit later, drink your best bottles of wine, spend time with your loved ones - however that looks. Leave me a comment and share something that is bringing you happiness right now....
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